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Feminist AF. Husband of one, father of two (#evelynfaye & #rubyjune), software dev @ Lover of the open (Indie) web.


Checked into Drip, UT

Monday morning and the sun is shining





Checked into Harmons Brickyard

Getting some breakfast essentials for tomorrow morning 😋



This is a cool that lets you write a note, and save it offline. Just add it to your home screen and away you go!


TiDB in the Browser: Running a Golang Database on WebAssembly | TiDB

This makes me think about the possibility of running a database for a site in the browser and syncing to the cloud only occasionally... 


I just love building things. Having a protect is good for my soul.


Trying to teach this handsome boy to roll over! #kitboy

Trying to teach this handsome boy to roll over! #kitboy

Kenz and I have been trying to teach to roll over for a few days now. To say he hates it would be a massive understatement 😂


I wanna make websites cool and easy again. GeoCities (and others) were first, but most my age remember having a Myspace page that was tricked out with custom CSS and JavaScript. I want it to be cool to have your own page like that again!