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Feminist AF. Husband of one, father of two (#evelynfaye & #rubyjune), software dev @ Lover of the open (Indie) web.


I just love building things. Having a protect is good for my soul.


I wanna make websites cool and easy again. GeoCities (and others) were first, but most my age remember having a Myspace page that was tricked out with custom CSS and JavaScript. I want it to be cool to have your own page like that again!


I have honestly LOVED learning and using in the past year or so. At first glance I was pretty intimidated, but especially with Modules it's pretty damn awesome.


I agree, we all need to do our part for the to succeed. Thank you for doing yours! You're inspiring me to get my shit together and do my share 😁


Playing with Known, an indieweb CMS.


How is she already 5?!? And on top of that, she'll be SIX next month 😭😭😭



"Influencers" are a cancer in the world social media.


Monday motivation

Monday motivation:

It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up.

Don't give up! Keep at it!


GloFish Joining the CB4 Clan

Four new GloFish joined the family this evening! We've been promising the girls for months now that we'd get a fish. **A** fish!  But... We figured one for each of us made sense.

Their names? Cutie, Coral, Noodle, and Kyle.


GloFish! One for everyone in the family 😁