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Feminist AF. Husband of one, father of two (#evelynfaye & #rubyjune), software dev @ Lover of the open (Indie) web.


I agree, we all need to do our part for the to succeed. Thank you for doing yours! You're inspiring me to get my shit together and do my share 😁


Hanging with Evelyn

Hanging with Evelyn

Hanging with Evelyn telling her all about the IndieWeb! 


Playing with Known, an indieweb CMS.



"Influencers" are a cancer in the world social media.


The days of using WordPress as my CMS for this are numbered. I've started prototyping a new platform that better suits the needs of the IndieWeb. My tools of choice going forward? Python and Flask!


Testing twitter mention

Hey @bsdrocker, does this work? Trying to figure out more about this IndieWeb stuff.


It me...

This is my first post to the indie web, with (hopefully) many more to come.