Currently SSH'd INTO my phone using the app on android. This is pretty neat 😀

Okay, this is pretty awesome. I'm going to have to do a more detailed writeup on my blog about this when I work out all the kinks...

Right now I've got zsh working as the default shell, oh-my-zsh installed and working, and using my DotFiles that I use on my Mac (with some slight modifications).

@CrowderSoup Who needs convergence, you've mastered distributed computing :)

@chuck I carry this thing around in my pocket all the time and I finally feel like I'm going to be able to do something USEFUL with it 😂

@CrowderSoup I know those feels all to well, experienced them back in 2015 with Ubuntu Touch

hat tip to @ted and his band of merry engineers who made that such an awesome experience when it was still in its infancy

@chuck @CrowderSoup haha, yeah, it is pretty awesome. It was great being able to install apps and manage your device from the command line on the device itself.

UIs are great for somethings, but being able to string together a command line to do a whole host of things at once is a great feeling.

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