Here's an awesome tool that let's you live-preview markdown files as you edit them:

I use for all my notes but sometimes its nice to render out your markdown so you can see how it looks.

@poetgrant I am an avid user of , so my preference is... VIM. It's all in a git repo and I sync that repo to my phone as well (use and ). I find that I rarely need to edit notes on my phone so I either just use vim on my phone or .

> In this way, the concept of digital privacy shares similarities with weighty crises like climate change. Both are what the theorist Timothy Morton calls “hyperobjects,” a concept so all-encompassing that it is impossible to adequately describe [...] which invite skepticism because their scale is so vast and sometimes abstract.
> At its heart, privacy is about how that data is used to take away our control.


Been doing some searching and reading about and middleware. Really excited to play with it tomorrow 😁

#JOE (Joe's Own Editor) is an easy to use #terminal text #editor.

JOE is very lightweight, with the executable coming it at a mere 300 kB. JOE isn't light on features, however.

JOE simplifies many tedious tasks with emacs-like Lisp scripting support. It also features many simple quick commands, which can jump to the matching brace, search the buffer, etc.

JOE can also emulate several other text editors.

Website 🔗:

apt 📦: joe

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

While all the news is about a burning cathedral in France: "An oil spill in Borneo that began over the past weekend has now spread across an area greater than the city of Paris and is heading out to the open ocean, the Indonesian government said."

Let's see if I can make using Firefox stick this time...

@pamela ew. Do not want. DO NOT WANT. I keep thinking I'm going to delete my Mastodon server in favor of spinning up . This may get me there. I'd hate to lose what I have on Mastodon so far, but better sooner than later I guess.

"Amazon... is a fair and responsible employer without collective worker agreements"

It's really fair when one guy at the top has $150,000,000,000 and a tiny handful of ultrarich white guys elect fellow wealthy 'big-brain' guys to a board to make all decisions regarding worker conditions, pay, and what to do with profit (give 99.9% to themselves).

Capitalism is a warcrime, a global humanitarian crisis that must be overthrown.

@mwlucas @pamela what is this kerfuffle that I know nothing about?? I need to know so I too can delete my Keybase account!

@ParadeGrotesque hate when companies I work for do this. Former job even incentiveised it. Like, guess what? If people are talking shit on your thing on social media you should probably fix your shit.

@jvalleroy I'm using the Bookmarks app in nextcloud, and a browser extension to sync them with my in browser bookmarks.

@aspittel my opinion is probably skewed because I never went to college of any kind, but I think in most areas of software development experience is far more valuable than schooling. I'm coming up on 10 years in industry now and by this point any sort of degree wouldn't do anything to help me.

Huh, weird... I can connect to the VPN from work, but when I then try to SSH into anything from there it dies :( They must be doing something to block / filter it. Lame.

@ted yep gonna start doing this when my kids are older.

Rescuing some pictures off of this REALLY old netbook. My father-in-law thought they were gone forever because Windows XP no longer turned on. One bootable Linux thumb drive and external HDD later and the pics are safe.

We took the kids (and pup) to the ALS Associations Easter egg hunt today. It's safe to say that every-bunny had a good time 😍 🐰🐣🐣

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