Got cleaned up with a beard trim and hair cut by yesterday. Did a fantastic job making my beard look nice and my hair low maintenance! If you don't have a regular barber, pay him a visit! and I did something a little different for our Valentine's date tonight... We took the girls to the world's first! I love this quirky family of mine 💕


Check out my story of your wanna see my terrible rapping for to's "Sloppy Seconds" 🤷‍♂️

This I'm thankful for these three gals in my life.

PS's presets that she released today? Totally worth it!!

When your girls beg for cotton candy all day, you make them cotton candy the second you get home. Pics thanks to my

Really simple terminal UI for git. I usually just use the command line for git, but the quick diff visual is quite nice!

Just watched a video about driving in Ireland as an American. We're going there in a couple weeks and I'll be driving and I'm nervous AF 😬

Thanks for the heads up about my cross-poster losing its mind @pamela! We'll see if I've fixed it or not shortly...

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Had to go to THREE's to find these for But boy was it worth it! 🤤🤤🤤

Upgraded my instance to .7.0, wrote some scripts to handle it for me going forward. Blog post about it forthcoming.

(This post has been forthcoming for some time honestly)

A cheap telescope and a smartphone is all it took to take this picture!

The was an incredible sight.

I've always been fascinated by stuff. I'm currently in the process of updating my site to be more indieweb-ified. 😃

TFW someone is complaining that doesn't have native logging the way they want it. Logging isn't a language concern people!!

Second day at the new job... Already digging into code trying to track down a bug. Being productive feels so good!

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