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Ewww, not looking forward to having to block all the porn that's going to come over with Tumblr refugees...

installed a package with npm today.. it went like this

first npm warned about 2 known security holes in libraries, but installed them anyway. One was a 2017 code execution vulnerability in some kind of eval library, fixed in a newer version but the dependency had not been updated. Yikes.

Then npm crashed. I restarted it.

Then a package used a postinstall script to display an advertisement.

Then a package used a postinstall script to download a binary blob.


Snuggling my girls and the dog while watching Arthur Christmas. Lazy Sundays are the best Sundays.

I've been using @tom79 (Mastalab) on mobile but I'm going to give the a try since it works so well for @pixelfed

I finally deleted from my phone (not entirely yet though) and it feels so good!!

Just created a @pixelfed account. The web app is a so I added it my home screen and it works great! I'm excited to have a good alternative to Instagram!!

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I updated the theme (again) on my personal site. I promise this is the last time (for a while)!

Basics Plus: A new Hugo Theme

I've pushed out Mastodon v2.6.4 which you have no reason to care about if you were able to upgrade to v2.6.3 without problems. For Docker people and new installations, please:

Please stop using Medium. We know how to make fucking self-controlled blogs for a while now. Medium is a monstruous regression

I've released it a bit late at night so announcing again: #Mastodon v2.6.3 is out

With important performance fixes.

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